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The MicroMist Scrubber is a multi-patented system owned and manufactured by Envirocare International.  Envirocare’s MicroMist Scrubber is the only scrubber we incorporate into our plants, as this scrubber represents the current Best-Available-Technology, system. 

507 Green Island Road
American Canyon, CA 94503

phone: 707.638.6800
fax: 707.638.6898

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Pat Crosby is a principal at the Crosby Group, an international firm based in California, Washington D.C. and Colorado. Mr. Crosby is an innovator and leader in the seismic design field. His niche in the company has been his knowledge of seismic technology. He and his team have traveled the world chasing earthquakes. After major earthquakes such as Italy, Mexico, Turkey, Japan, and Taiwan he toured each of the sites to learn what technology failed, what technology was successful, and what new information the earthquake itself would tell us about structural design. We incorporated this knowledge and technology into our plants’ seismic designs. Some notable projects to which Mr. Crosby has been involved are the historic Marin County Hall of Justice, a Frank Lloyd Wright Municipal Facility. 

155 Bovet Road, Suite 550
San Mateo, CA 94402

phone: 650-367-8100

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