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1987 45’ dia. Incinerator, Meadow Lake,  

Canada      (Still in daily use)

Solving the Waste Disposal Crisis

Our mission is to provide a viable alternative to burying waste that is both economical and clean, while providing communities with affordable electricity.

With our state-of-the-art technology we are able to:

  • Process waste that is currently being dumped in landfills,  which devalues the land, pollutes the atmosphere, spreads diseases, and eventually pollutes the ground water.

  • Reclaim clean water contained in the waste which is suitable for agricultural waste.

  • Provides for safe disposal of hazardous and bio-hazardous  wastes.

  • Enhance the recycling of glass, metals, batteries, etc.

  • Provide employment for the local population.  This being all levels of labor, expertise and education.

  • Providing cheap electrical energy to the local public and local businesses.

  • And doing so WITHOUT polluting the environment.  Our facilities meet or exceed all Environmental Protection Agency  requirements.

  • No portion of any waste entering out facility is returned tot he landfill.

  • Our facilities provide for a cleaner, safer environment for the local populations surrounding our plants.

Our purpose is to accept the daily waste generated by the local population, remove waste that has already been buried in landfills and to encourage recycling in hopes that one day almost total removal of the buried municipal waste is achieved. 

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