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Scott Anh Duong, CEO

Mr. Duong serves as our Chief Executive Officer, managing our path and direction within the waste recycling and processing field.  Mr. Duong graduated with a MBA degree from the University of Lincoln, Nebraska in 1997.  Mr. Duong brings critical knowledge of business workings within Vietnam, Cambodia and China. Mr. Duong has been instrumental uncovering new opportunities with existing and new clients and helping to steer us into new uses of our technologies.

Albert's Photo.png

Albert Franceskinj

Mr. Franceskinj is an Attorney of law – Bar of Paris, Admitted foreign lawyer in Vietnam. 

Fidal Asia Attorneys, Vietnam. Mr. Franceskinj is currently developing relationships within

the Countries of Taiwan, China, Vietnam and the Philippines for the purpose of displaying

our technology, locating sites for our new plants, and existing plants needing retrofitting.

He brings expertise and relationships critical to our success in Vietnam, China, Taiwan,

The Philippines, Middle East & Cambodia.

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